How do i choose the best pest control service?

Important Questions to Ask California's Best Pest Control Company How long have you been in business?. Can I get a written quote?.

How do i choose the best pest control service?

Important Questions to Ask California's Best Pest Control Company How long have you been in business?. Can I get a written quote?. Will you get rid of pests so they don't return?. However, not all pest control companies are created equal, so here are some helpful tips on how to choose the right pest control company for your needs.

For more than 90 years, Terminix has provided its customers with indoor and outdoor inspection and extermination services at affordable prices. Terminix offers general pest control, specific treatments for bed bugs and termites, and options to control dozens of other pests. Terminix will begin your overall pest control plan with a free inspection, during which your technician will identify the source of your infestation and perform initial treatment. Over the course of a year, a technician will return three more times to address seasonal pest problems.

If your pests return between treatments, Terminix will return to service your home quickly and free of charge. Orkin has been addressing pest problems across the country for more than 100 years. Its pest control specialists must undergo 160 hours of targeted training, and the company serves more than 1.7 million residential and commercial customers worldwide. Aptive is the 8th largest pest control provider in the United States.

Overall, we give Aptive a score of 91 out of 100 and believe it is the most customizable pest control company in the industry. Are Terminix inspections really free? Terminix inspections are free of charge, unless the inspection is for a real estate transaction. In general, certain charges apply to these inspections. With more than 400 locations nationwide, Orkin is one of the largest residential and commercial pest control companies.

Treat more than 25 common household pests, including bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, rodents and some wild animals. In addition, they offer home maintenance services such as attic insulation, lawn care, and humidity control. What sets Orkin apart from other pest control companies is its extensive training program, which has earned it a spot on Training magazine's Top 125 list for more than 13 years. Its full-size training center has more than 50 learning stations (including a termite pavilion and garden center) where pest technicians practice for more than 160 hours during their first year.

Technicians are also asked to participate in a variety of learning and personal development activities throughout their careers. Orkin service is backed by multiple guarantees, including a 30-day refund and a satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you're not satisfied with their service after 30 days, you can request a refund. In addition, if a new infestation occurs, they will retreat the area free of charge.

Orkin also offers a 60-day guarantee specifically for food and hospitality companies. This means that, if the company has been an Orkin customer for at least 60 days, Orkin will reimburse the expenses incurred if a customer sees a rat, mouse or cockroach during their visit or stay. Terminix has been in business offering residential and commercial pest control for more than 90 years. Its long history and (almost) national availability make it one of the best-known brands in pest control when it comes to termites.

Terminix also has one of the best termite warranties in the industry, covering treatments or repairs for new termite damage while maintaining a plan with them. However, keep in mind that warranty is not available in some areas of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Aptive is available in 30 states and provides environmentally friendly services against common household and garden pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, snails, pantry bugs, biting insects, and rodents. Aptive's year-round protection plan includes a post-first-visit review and four quarterly service appointments.

On the first visit, technicians perform an initial inspection in which they assess your residence and all risk areas to develop personalized treatment for your infestation. Like most pest control companies, Aptive offers free revisits if the pest returns between treatments. Aptive is a member of the Environmental Pesticide Administration of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a program that aims to reduce pesticide risk in agricultural and non-agricultural environments. They also donate part of their profits to the United Nations Nothing But Nets campaign in an effort to stop the spread of malaria mosquitoes in different countries at risk.

Warranty terms may vary by provider, and some may even have different warranties for specific services. For example, Orkin offers to pay charges incurred by food service and hospitality companies, if a customer sees a rodent or cockroach during a visit, provided that it is within 60 days of treating their facilities. Similarly, Terminix offers a 30-day guarantee against bedbugs and one of the most comprehensive termite warranties, including repairs for new termite damage, if you stick to your plan with them. We chose Orkin and Terminix as our best options for pest control because of their extensive experience in pest management and extermination.

Both companies offer pest control services nationwide and offer high-quality customer service and resources. Professionals are also certified and trained for the job, so clients don't have to worry about whether they are investing in the right people. After selecting a few possibilities, get ready to get a quote. In general terms, pest control companies offer free estimates and initial consultations.

This meeting is a good time to ask questions and learn more about the company and its business practices. Most companies are happy to provide you with their credentials and references. In addition, while many pests are not dangerous, some can cause structural damage to your home, contaminate food and spread diseases, or pose other health risks. Be sure to ask your pest control provider this, but you should generally wait five to seven days before cleaning after receiving treatment at home.

There are several levels of training and certification among pest control professionals, ranging from certified technicians to authorized exterminators. A number of factors contribute to the cost, including the type of pest being eliminated, the supplies needed, and the time required to provide services. Most pest control providers are equipped to treat common household pests, such as cockroaches, ants, and spiders, but not all have experience with regional pests or particularly difficult infestations, such as termites and bed bugs. Most pest control companies offer a general pest control plan that fights common household pests, such as ants, cockroaches, and mice.

However, if you have questions about how they will protect your home from specific pests and what type of products they will use, be sure to ask the technician during the initial inspection visit. Like Terminix, Orkin's overall pest control plan begins with a home inspection and includes several treatments over the course of a year. In addition, a pest control company could help you prevent wood-eating pests, termites, and other pests, whose damage to your home, systems, or appliances is likely not covered by your homeowners insurance or home warranty. From termites to cockroaches and bed bugs to rodents, pests can cause thousands of dollars in property damage, as well as spread diseases and infections.

Ehrlich is another long-standing pest control company, offering customized pest control services since 1928. All technicians are QualityPros of the National Pest Control Association, crediting Orkin's high standards of training and accreditation. However, together with its sister companies Western Exterminator, Anderson Pest Solutions, Presto X and Oliver Exterminating, it covers almost the entire continent and Puerto Rico. . .

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